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Created in 2005, VOLTAIRE AVOCATS advises and defends companies in all matters that fall within the scope of labour and social security laws. The different teams are based in Paris, Lille and Lyon.

Based in Paris, Lille and Lyon, we assist our clients for their daily requirements but also for more complex operations (job preservation plans, restructuring social consequences, URSSAF audits, trade-union law…) in France and internationally.


9, rue Anatole de la Forge
75017 Paris

Tel : 01 40 55 40 50


179, boulevard de la Liberté
59000 Lille

Tel : 03 28 52 45 24


13, rue émile Zola
69002 Lyon

Tel : 04 37 23 00 01

Our values

The success of our interventions and our clients fidelity are grounded on strong values.


We strive to build innovative solutions in terms of counsel and litigation.


The proximity to their clients allows our lawyers to have a full understanding of their companies and their operation.


We pay particular attention to companies’ costs constraints, and we communicate our fees in total transparency.